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Autism Advocate Temple Grandin Named To National Women’s Hall Of Fame

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

So well deserved.

My friend Dr. Temple Grandin I just found out was named to the National Women’s Hall of Fame (I’m a little late to the party as she was actually named to the Hall of Fame in 2017!)

I first met Temple while we were keynoting at a conference at Memphis University where we both gave keynote talks on our lives growing up on the autism spectrum. Needless to say I was blown away by her since the first time I got to meet her. A few years later I had the esteemed honor to win the 2016 Temple Grandin Award.

Tony Frank, president of Colorado State University where Dr. Temple Grandin is a professor at said in a press release, “Honoring Dr. Temple Grandin in this esteemed group of women not only speaks to the power of her research and advocacy, but also her impact as a role model for young women everywhere. Early in her career, her determination helped her break into what was a largely male-dominated animal production industry, and she continues to serve as an advocate for women in the sciences, for young people with autism, and for anyone unwilling to let artificial boundaries stand in the way of their personal and professional success.”

If you haven’t had the opportunity, I’d highly recommend watching the HBO Film based on her life.

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